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"I help smart, motivated leaders and their teams accelerate success through personalized coaching grounded in real-world executive experience and the science of human behavior. 



- Dina Smith

Executive Coach

How I can help you.

My work covers the spectrum of challenges that all successful leaders face, so if you’re like many of my clients, you may be: 


  • Committed to scaling your effectiveness as a leader and having greater positive impact

  • Dedicated to developing a high-performing team and enhancing your ability to help others grow

  • Leading a strategic change or significant organization transition

  • Onboarding to a new role or organization and wanting to quickly gain traction and add value

  • Wanting to increase your executive presence and ability to influence across the organization

  • Interested in building confidence and courage to lead with greater conviction

  • Desiring to clarify or refine your vision and work from a deeper sense of purpose

  • Seeking a confidential and strategic thought partner to challenge and expand your thinking and dedicated space for reflection, insight and focus on your most critical priorities

Helping leaders excel at world-leading brands and
rapidly scaling start-ups.
Interested in learning more about leadership, communication, neuroscience, and career success?  

Grounded in evidence based coaching methodologies, business best practices, and actionable insights from neuroscience and psychology, my approach is specifically designed to help leaders navigate work-related transitions and growth opportunities.   


To enable you to create positive lasting results in your leadership and career, my focus throughout our partnership is on you as a whole person, beyond your professional life. This is because you are, first and foremost, a human being -- and talking about what’s weighing on you, whether it’s an issue at work or at home, will free up your mind and energy to focus on what you want to achieve. 


The first step in working together is always an introductory meeting.  Assuming we mutually confirm fit, we’ll then engage in a creative and strategic partnership focused on your goals.  


While every engagement is unique, the approach is typically similar and includes the following three phases:


What’s the current situation?  What challenges exist?  We’ll get a clear understanding of the current lay of land to illuminate what potential shifts would have the greatest impact for you.  To expand your self-awareness and gain insight, this phase often includes stakeholder interviews or relevant assessments.

We'll also determine where you want to go: what do you aspire to and what are your desired results?  And what’s the one change you could make that would have the biggest impact on your leadership?  This is where we’ll focus and set inspiring, measurable goals so that the coaching has leverage.  


Design Solutions

With a clear understanding of both the current situation and your goals, we’ll build an effective roadmap to facilitate the results you want to achieve.   I’ll help you recognize and leverage your full set of strengths, as well as identify and address internal obstacles in the way of your success.  To create the sustainable positive change you seek, this plan typically includes both “inner work” as well as “outer work”.   We also identify key milestones along the way to ensure we are optimizing our efforts.



This phase is about putting strategies into action, deliberate practice, and iterating based on your learning.  Activities often include trying out new tools, approaches, or ways of thinking and being, and we fine-tune until your desired outcomes are achieved.  If you’re sponsored by an organization, we’ll periodically check-in with key stakeholders to maintain alignment and support of your progress.    


As you close in on your goals, we’ll determine the resources and structures that will enable you to sustain and build on your new levels of effectiveness.

What people are saying

"I had the pleasure of working with Dina, who was my executive coach for 6 months as part of a corporate leadership development program. Dina was highly knowledgeable, experienced, and wise in the ways of big business and career journeys.


Her fresh thinking and sense of humor are what sets her apart, and I highly recommend Dina for anyone that is looking to improve their leadership profile."



Libby Bernick

Global Head of Corporate Business

Trucost / S&P Dow Jones Indices

"Working with Dina was critical in enabling me to successfully lead my organization through a massive strategic change. I became very clear on my values, strengths, as well as areas that needed attention and how to address them.


Her insight, candor and support accelerated my development both as a leader and person, and our conversations always left me feeling energized, focused and with fresh perspective on key issues."


Marc Spencer,


Summer Search

"Dina is an excellent executive coach. Her commitment to her clients and her warm, engaging style are supported by a deep knowledge of neuroscience as applied to leadership. I've had the opportunity to refer many people to her for coaching, to watch her coaching in action and even to be coached by her myself. Her intelligence, her access to powerful questions and her personal commitment to growth make her a truly exceptional strategic partner and coach. The people I've referred to her have consistently given her rave reviews too. If you get a chance to work with Dina - take it!"


Anna Barber

Managing Director


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CEO, National Non-Profit 

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