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Leadership Dashboard

The Leadership Dashboard challenges you to be clear, both for yourself and your organization, about eight essential areas. It will require you to think, reflect, get advice and input from others, and prioritize.

You can use this tool on your own, and with your teams. By challenging team members to create their own dashboards, you make sure everyone is aligned and moving in the same direction. 

The effort is worth it. Just imagine the positive results that would follow if you and your team were clear, grounded, and focused on what really matters.

For personalized help in creating your Dashboard, I offer a one-day individual workshop for leaders called FutureFocus. Designed to help you clarify and realize your vision,  FutureFocus will help you step back from the busyness of the day-to-day to get focused and moving toward what matters most, for your career and your organization. Contact me for more information.