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Evidence-based principles guide my approach

I serve as an executive-level confidant and strategic thought-partner to my clients, offering an honest and objective third-party perspective seasoned by my own experience and expertise. My approach is specifically designed to help leaders navigate work-related transitions and growth opportunities, and is grounded in evidence-based coaching methodologies, business best practices, and actionable insights from neuroscience and psychology.

Key principles that guide my approach and help my clients create success include:

Focus on what matters most. What are the one or two changes you could make that would make the biggest impact? That’s where we will focus our efforts so that the coaching has leverage. In the world of leadership development and change, less is more. 

Take a systems perspective. Systemic forces can either promote or impede your interactions and results and have an enormous impact on any leader’s success. Considering the ecosystem that you function in and examining and adjusting the way that you interact within a complex web of relationships can be key to unlocking your greater success.  

Work inside out and outside in. It’s essential for coaching to build on what matters to you. This is working “inside out” and why I’ll ask you questions such as:


  • What lights you up?  

  • What’s the impact and contribution you want to make in your role and career?

  • What keeps you up at night?  What are your challenges and concerns?

Your organization also expects you to perform at a high level, and your colleagues will tell me in interviews which improvements they think will get you there. This “outside-in” understanding of how others experience you is critical to your success.  

Enlist key stakeholders. Professionals who share their improvement priorities with their colleagues and then regularly follow up with these co-workers are the most successful in creating long-term change in their leadership. Throughout the executive coaching, we’ll collaborate to engage key colleagues as “allies” in the change you want to create.  

Focus on solutions and take action. While the past can be instructive, the focus of our work is on creating solutions for the future. For change to become real, you must take action. Doing things differently often takes people out of their comfort zone, so we’ll find the right amount of stretch to maximize your learning.  

Engage holistically. While our work together is set within a professional context, my concern is for you as a whole person, not “just” as a leader. Everything is connected, and that’s why I will invite you to talk about what’s weighing on you so you can free up your mind and energy to focus on your higher goals.