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Get ready for executive coaching that leads to high-performance, high-fulfillment leadership



This initial phase sets the coordinates for our work together. We'll first establish a clear understanding of the current situation, i.e., where you are now. To gain insight, this phase often includes stakeholder interviews or other relevant assessments. 


We'll also determine where you want to go. What do you aspire to and what are your desired results?


With future success defined, we’ll identify the one or two changes you could make that would have the biggest impact. This is where we'll focus so the coaching has leverage. 



With a clear understanding of both the current situation and your goals, we’ll build an effective roadmap to facilitate the results you want to achieve. 


In creating the plan, I’ll help you recognize and leverage your full set of strengths, as well as identify and address internal obstacles in the way of your success.  


We also identify key milestones along the way to ensure we are optimizing our efforts. If your organization is sponsoring the coaching, an important step will be to confirm alignment with your sponsor.


As you build momentum and close in on your goals, we’ll evaluate outcomes and wind down our engagement. So you can sustain your new levels of effectiveness, we will identify practices, resources, and follow-up support so the progress you have made is lasting and real. 


Clients often return when they face a new challenge or feel ready to climb that next “peak” in their career. It is an honor to work with clients over time, supporting their long-term success. When the time comes, we can re-engage in an active partnership focused on your new priorities.


This phase is about putting strategies into action, deliberate practice, and iterating based on your learning. Activities often include trying out new tools, approaches, or ways of thinking and being, and we fine-tune those until you achieve your desired outcomes.


Our coaching sessions provide dedicated white space for you to reflect, focus, and plan and support you in accomplishing your goals. If you’re sponsored by an organization, we’ll periodically check-in with key stakeholders to maintain alignment and support of your progress.